Glass and aluminum railing installation in Toronto. We specialize in all types of deck, stair, balcony and porch railings with over 20 years of experience in the GTA.



Terrace Aluminum Railings offers professional expertise in aluminum and glass deck railing, stair railing, balcony railing, porch railing and more! Including aluminum columns, custom aluminum railing design, and complimentary aluminum and glass railings consultation for your home, business or commercial property.  No aluminum railing project in Toronto or the GTA is too big or too small for us here at Terrace Aluminum Railings!

From a single family home deck railing, or front porch railing, to some estate’s stair railings, and some of the biggest condo balcony railings projects in Toronto, we have a railing solution for it all!

Terrace Aluminum Railings prides itself on friendly and efficient service for all aluminum and glass home railings needs. We are a family run aluminium railing business, and we work hard to meet every unique client’s railing style, taste, preference, aesthetic and budget.

Our expertise is in aluminum railing and glass railing installation for your stairs, deck, porch, balcony, and more. Because we’ve been in the railing business for so long, we also have expertise in custom design and effective consultation to make sure we can help clients make the best decisions for their business, commercial or home railings needs.

We have a four-stage process for all aluminum and glass railing clients, which you can read about below. You can also browse our aluminum and glass railing gallery to see some of our railing installations throughout Toronto and the GTA.

aluminum deck railing

Give us a call today as we’ll happily go over any aluminum or glass railing questions you may have! We look forward to serving your glass and aluminum railings needs!

Our friendly team at Terrace Aluminum Railings has 20 years of experience in the aluminum and glass railings industry in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.


Porch Railings Toronto

Hi, I’m Jesse Allen.

I began my aluminum and glass railing business in 2001 with some of the best railing installers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As a local, family business, we have done hundreds of commercial and home railings projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our excellent reputation in the aluminum railings business was born simply from happy homeowners enjoying their new home railings! We make sure to treat each client with professional care and attention. Ensuring clients railing needs, desires, and budget are respected.

We pride ourselves on only the highest quality service and workmanship for all of our aluminum and glass railing customers. Each and  every member of our team is friendly, polite, professional and always on time. It is very important to us to provide you the best possible customer service experience when choosing your next aluminum or glass railing.

Whether you are looking for stair railings, aluminum columns, outdoor privacy panels, front porch railings, balcony or deck railings, and more, Terrace Aluminium Railings, has you covered!


Don’t just take our word for it, read below for one of our customer testimonials to find out how happy they were with our professional glass and aluminum railing installation service!

“Jesse and his team were friendly and speedy and made sure our porch railing was safe and beautiful! We have young children so safety was our priority, but we didn’t expect it to also look so good! It was an instant upgrade to our home and we’re happy to provide a testimonial for Terrace Aluminum Railing’s professional service!”

-Alia Mousa, Toronto

Railings Toronto

Our local Toronto and GTA aluminum railings business has been exceeding homeowner expectations for two decades. We have completed hundreds of home railing projects and commercial railing installation in Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

We have an extensive background in all things railings, including aluminum and glass railing design for your home or commercial properties. 

Often customers come to us having only a vague idea of what a new porch or deck railing can do for the aesthetic, safety, and increased value of their home. Clients seem to have a rough idea of what they want their aluminum or glass railing to look like, but don’t realize the extent of their aluminum railing options.

With multiple design options, various styles and colours, your glass or aluminum railings can be perfectly tailored for a personalized balcony, deck, porch, or stair railing.

Our commitment to you, at Terrace Aluminum Railings, is to go through the design process, explaining all your possible railing options, and giving our professional opinion when requested, to ensure your front porch, deck, stairs, columns, or balcony meet every one of your needs, including budget, style, and safety.

Our aluminum and glass railings are sourced from the highest quality materials in the business. Once we have discussed your aluminum or glass railing design needs, we will set up an appointment within a reasonable time frame to have your railings installed.

Our team at Terrace Aluminum Railings is happy to meet you in our showroom, or to bring railing samples to your home to discuss the possibilities. We’ll take measurements, discuss costs, and make sure you’re fully comfortable and confident with your choices for your business or home railings. 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your front porch, need a safety railing on a pool enclosure, a glass balcony railing, aluminum column or aluminum deck railing, Terrace Aluminum Railings will walk you through the design process, make sure your railings are built to the highest standard with quality materials that come with a 10-year warranty, and leave your home more safe, beautiful and valuable! 

Aluminum Railings Toronto

After completing the design phase where we have consulted with you on your preference for glass or aluminum railings, our friendly and professional railing team will come to your home and install your new railings!

We emphasize safety, quality, cleanliness, and efficiency in your railing installation. We have hundreds of satisfied railing customers in Toronto and the GTA, and we are only too happy to install your next aluminum or glass railings.

Our aluminum and glass railings team is not only highly skilled at railing installation, whether that be for a front porch railing, a balcony railing, deck railing, stair railing and more, but we are also experts in safety. Fully bonded and insured, we understand here at Terrace Aluminum Railings that safety is a priority for you and your family, and our railing installation process meet all required government safety standards.

Once we install your aluminum or glass railings, we do a thorough safety inspection so that you can enjoy your new railings and feel secure that they will provide the safety railings are intended to provide.

Glass Railings Toronto

This is pretty straightforward part of your aluminum railings process, the cleanup! We guarantee a fast, efficient and impeccable clean-up after your glass or aluminum railing installation. Our reputation depends on satisfied customers, and that of course extends to every stage of our work.

We know how frustrating it can be to have workers come into your space and leave a mess. No matter how beautiful a job we do with your aluminum and glass railings, how great your new front porch or balcony railings look, the clean-up to provide a polished, finished look, is our guarantee and something clients have commented on time and time again over our years in the railing business.

The full cleanup will leave your space looking better than before, and you can enjoy your new beautiful deck railings, porch railings, stair railings, or whatever railings you have just had installed, inspected, and cleaned up!

From the meeting stage, to designing your home railings, to installing and clean-up, Terrace Aluminum Railings is meticulous in all the details, customer satisfaction and railing safety guaranteed!

Call us today at Terrace Aluminum Railings to get started on making your home more safe, beautiful and valuable with some brand new railings!


Glass and aluminum railings increase the appeal and safety to any home or business. Balcony railings are clearly essential for safety, but that does not have to mean a standardized railing choice. Safe railings can be complimentary to any style, taste and budget, which is different for every customer and their glass or aluminum railing needs. While safety is crucial and part of all railing installation, we at Terrace Aluminum Railings want to enable a personalized approach to your deck railing, stair railing, balcony, or porch railing, whether that be aluminum railings or glass, meeting your safety and style needs is essential! 

Read below to discover some potential railing options, different railing colours and styles that will give your home or business not only safety, but that extra aesthetic appeal. Additionally, new railings increase the value of your property! Check out our railings portfolio and read on to learn about your home railing options.

Aluminum Railings

Terrace aluminum Railings is excited to present our beautiful aluminum railing collection! A popular choice, an aluminum railing instantly upgrades your home with a modern elegance.

All Terrace Aluminum railing products are maintenance free, will never rust, and as they are baked (not powder coated) your aluminum railing will never need to be painted! You can choose your aluminum railing from a wide selection of different railing styles and colours.

Aluminum Railing safety concerns. Some of our customers are replacing unsafe or even illegal railings. While we are proud of our beautiful aluminum railings, the most important aspect of every project is providing our customers with a safe and secure railing that will last for decades.

All of our aluminum railings conform to Ontario Building Codes and Terrace Aluminum Railing only uses the highest quality screws and Hilti bolts for our railings installations.

Interested in seeing if aluminum railings are right for your space?

Call Terrace Aluminum Railings today for a free design consultation and let us help you create the perfect aluminum railing designed just for your home.

Aluminum railings are ideal for:
• Front porch
• Back deck
• Balcony
• Patio
• Walk-way
• Retaining wall
• Cottage
• Pool enclosures

Check out more on our aluminum railings product page or give Terrace Aluminum Railings a call today!

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Columns

Aluminum columns can completely change the appearance of your home. Installing aluminum columns is an instant upgrade that will have all of your neighbours noticing. Not sure if aluminum columns will work with the aesthetic of your home? Terrace Aluminum Railings has many styles and colours of aluminum columns, and we are confident that we have the right aluminum columns that will work perfectly for your project.

Aluminum columns come in both round and square columns in a variety of sizes and colours that are decorative or structural. Our double and triple columns will give your home the feel of a traditional railing with a modern touch. All of our aluminum columns match perfectly with both our aluminum and glass railings.

Terrace Aluminum Railings is happy to show you aluminum column samples and to offer a free design consultation and quote.

Changing the exterior of your home with brand new aluminum columns increases the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. Terrace Aluminum Railings has installed hundreds of aluminum columns for happy homeowners, and we make sure to pay special attention to your vision, working hard to make that vision a reality for your home. If you think its time to give your front porch that beautiful upgrade it deserves, call us anytime for your free quote.

Aluminum Columns

Balcony Railings

A balcony railing is essential for providing you and your family a feeling of safety. Along with safety, a beautiful balcony railing of your choosing will increase your satisfaction by contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your private outdoor space.

If you are lucky to have a balcony feature on your home, the right balcony railing can turn that space into your private sanctuary!

We have dozens of styles of aluminum and glass railings to upgrade your balcony now!

Which railing is right for your balcony? Let us here at Terrace Aluminum Railings help you decide.

Do you love clean lines? A glass balcony railing gives your home or building a minimal and modern look, allowing for clear and unobstructed views. This popular choice is available at a surprisingly affordable price, and we are always happy to go over costs associated with your new balcony railing free of charge.

Perhaps you want to secure your balcony with an aluminum railing? Consulting with us on our large selection of aluminum balcony railing styles and colours will enable us to find the perfect balcony railing for your home or business.

Click here to see some of the balcony railing jobs we have recently completed. To see samples, discuss design ideas, or to get a quote, call us at Terrace Aluminum Railings. Helping you design your dream balcony is only a phone call away!

Balcony Railing

Deck Railings

The deck can often be one of the most used areas of the home. Used for entertaining, afterwork summer cocktails, or a big family breakfast, you want your deck railings to match your lifestyle and aesthetic.

A new deck or patio railing will give your home an upgraded feel without a high price tag. Terrace Aluminum Railings has seen dozens of our aluminum railings instantly boost the deck space of a home, and we’re confident that we have the right deck or patio railing for your needs.

Our glass deck railing are not only affordable, but add a sleek and contemporary look to your home. Or if you prefer to go with our rust-proof aluminum deck railings, choose from 6 different colours of aluminum railing to match your homes’ exterior.

Deck Railings

Stair Railings

At Terrace Aluminum Railings, we believe that stair railings must meet two criteria, that is, they must be both safe and beautiful!

In our twenty years in the aluminum railing business we have seen it all, from stair railings there were falling apart, to homemade duct tape repairs. We know you deserve better, and we have found that one of the simplest ways a homeowner can increase their homes appeal and safety, is to install new stair railings.

Not many home renovations can improve the beauty and the safety of your home as effectively as new aluminum stair railings can.

Don’t wait for your stair railing to fail you. Instead, click here to see the many options you have to upgrade this key feature of your home.

Stair Railings

Glass Railings

We have been installing glass railings for 20 years, and believe glass railings are ideal for all types of projects; for example, glass railings may work for your: front porch, back deck, balcony, patio, walk-way, retaining wall, cottage exterior, pool enclosures, property lines, wheelchair ramps and more.

Glass railings have become an increasingly popular choice over the years, and we boast that at Terrance Aluminum Railings, all of our glass railing products are maintenance free, will never rust, and will never need to be painted.

You can choose your glass railings in clear, smoked grey, or bronze. No need to worry about lack of privacy with installing glass railings. Frosted glass is a perfect option if you are looking for privacy with your glass railings.

Glass Railings

Porch Railings

Front Porch Aluminum Railings At Terrace Aluminum Railings, we exceed all front porch railing expectations! With 20-years of experience in the railing installation business, we understand the

We carry multiple styles of aluminum railings that are sure to fit every taste, aesthetic, and budget. Terrace Aluminum Railings also installs glass front porch railings.

A newly installed railing on the front porch makes a statement! Take your time to decide which railing is right for you. You want to make sure that your front porch railing matches the look and feel of the rest of your home as it is the first thing you and guests see upon arrival.

Terrace Aluminum Railings offers expert advice on sprucing up that front porch with aluminum or glass railings, helping to make your home safe and beautiful.

If it’s time for a front porch railing update, or you just want to discuss your front porch railing options, please give us a call.

Porch Railings



We pride ourselves on only the highest quality service and workmanship for all of our aluminum and glass railing customers. Each and every member of our team is friendly, polite, professional and always on time.  It is very important to us  to provide you the best possible customer service experience when choosing your next aluminum or glass railing.

Aluminum railings Toronto


We pride ourselves on only the highest quality service and workmanship for all of our aluminum and glass railing customers. Each and every member of our team is friendly, polite, professional and always on time.  It is very important to us  to provide you the best possible customer service experience when choosing your next aluminum or glass railing.




We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your aluminum railing project.