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An aluminum column completely changes the appearance of your home. Installing aluminum columns is an instant upgrade that will have all of your neighbours noticing.

Not sure if aluminum columns will work with the aesthetic of your home? At Terrace Aluminum Railings we have many styles and colours of aluminum columns and are confident that we have the right column solutions for your project.

Aluminum Railings and aluminum columns are perfect for homeowners and businesses. This is due to the price, durability, and diverse looks aluminum railings and aluminum columns can achieve.

We have been in the business of installing aluminum railings in Toronto and the Great Toronto Area for 20 years! That’s right; we are your Toronto aluminum column experts!

Decorative or structural aluminum columns are available in round and square shapes, in various sizes and colours. Our double and triple aluminum columns give your home the feel of a traditional railing with a modern touch. All of our aluminum columns match perfectly with both our aluminum and glass railings.

Terrace Aluminum Railings is happy to show you our available aluminum column samples and a free quote at your consultation. Call us today to discuss if aluminum columns are the right fit.

Changing the exterior of your home with brand new aluminum columns increases your property’s value and aesthetic appeal. Terrace Aluminum Railings has installed hundreds of aluminum columns for happy homeowners, and we make sure to pay special attention to your vision.


When embarking on a renovation project, choosing the ideal materials is crucial for achieving that perfect blend of style and functionality. One often under appreciated but truly versatile material is aluminum columns. Its inherent properties, such as being lightweight yet sturdy, make aluminum columns exceptionally suitable for various renovation applications. Whether it’s reinforcing an aging structure or adding a modern touch to your property, these elegant aluminum columns provide excellent support without compromising the aesthetic appeal. Additionally, aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion and low maintenance requirements means that you get to enjoy your newly revamped space without the hassle of constant upkeep. Overall, aluminum columns are a smart and stylish choice for any renovation project, offering both durability and an enduring appeal that never goes out of fashion.

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View our gallery below for all aluminum columns, aluminum railings, and glass railings, or give us a call to speak to an aluminum columns’ expert today.

Whether you know the style of the aluminum column you want for your home or interested in exploring the style options of aluminum columns, we can help you out.

We are here to answer any questions about aluminum column prices or any other railing products or services you may have. Get your free quote for aluminum columns at Terrace Aluminum Railings today.


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