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Serving Toronto for 20-years, Terrace Aluminum Railings is #1 for front porch railing installation in Toronto! Our
friendly and fast service has earned us a top position for installing front porch railings in Toronto!

With two decades of experience installing railings in Toronto, we understand the importance and value of having a beautiful front porch!

What drives our Toronto railing business? Exceeding our clients front porch railing expectations!

Hey Toronto! Upgrade Your Front Porch Railing Today!

  • Toronto homes have some of the best character in Ontario
  • You and your family deserve your home to be among the best in Toronto!
  • A new front porch railing will completely change the appearance of your home
  • We guarantee that installing front porch railings will offer that instant home upgrade that will have all your neighbours noticing!
  • A newly installed railing on the front porch makes a statement.  
  • It’s the first thing you notice when pulling into the driveway
  • It sets the tone for the rest of your home
  • Your front porch is where you welcome guests!
  • And a beautiful front porch railing sends a signal that people with taste live here!

Quality Front Porch Railings In Toronto 

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Toronto is a competitive city, which is why we use only the highest-quality materials for our front porch railings. All products are durable, weather and rust-proof to ensure our glass and aluminum front porch railings are made to last!

Our Toronto railing products are maintenance-free, will never rust, and as they are baked (not powder coated), so your front porch railing will never need to be painted! If you are in Barrie and looking for exterior glass or aluminum railings for your front porch, you can rest easy knowing that all railings are of the highest quality and come with our 10-year warranty.

Any front porch product or price questions you may have, call us in Toronto todayWe offer all Toronto clients free estimates.

We carry multiple styles of glass and aluminum railings for your front porch that are sure to fit every taste and budget.


Take a look at our gallery, or call us today for your free estimate and to see samples of how to take your deck or patio to the next level!

What Railings Should I Choose For My Front Porch?

Your front porch railings make the first impression for your Toronto home. You want to make sure that your front porch railing matches the look and feel of the rest of your home.

Glass Railings For Front Porch Toronto

You may have one of those Victorian homes Toronto is known for, but that doesn’t mean a traditional home cannot have a modern style front porch railing!  In fact, clean lines that give off a modern feel for your front porch, can blend the old and new beautifully. Can you see this railing on your Toronto porch?

Aluminum Railings For Front Porch Toronto

Do you feel your home is a little “outdated”? Then perhaps a classic R12 railing design for your front porch will flip that feeling on its head, making your Toronto home appear more timeless and classic! The best thing about a new front porch railing, is that it can seriously alter your entire homes aesthetic. 

Privacy For Front Porch Toronto

Perhaps you live in a dense Toronto neighbourhood and would like a little front porch privacy?

Terrace Aluminum Railings has your privacy needs covered!

This is our glass and aluminum railing product- PP2- privacy dividers for your front porch, in classic black!

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aluminum railings on a front porch in toronto

Front Porch Railings For Every Unique Toronto Home

We know that you are an individual, that your family and home are unique. We believe in paying special attention to our clients’ preferences, so that your front porch railings will reflect the pride you take in your home.

It’s hard to stand out in Toronto, which is why Terrace Aluminum Railings installation experts will spend as much time as you need helping you choose the right front porch railings.

You can browse our gallery or  products to see just some of the various front porch railing styles and colours we offer. 

But we know it can be overwhelming deciding the right railing for your needs. We’re the experts in Toronto railings, so let us help!

Call us at Terrace Aluminum Railings so we can discuss your front porch railing transformation today!

What Colour Should My Front Porch Railings Be?

We offer 6 different colours for your front porch railings! Choosing the right colour for your porch railings can change a basic and boring entrance, into an elegant, inviting space. Railing colours portray mood. From classic, luxe, bold, or warm…deciding what your front porch will transform into with new railings can be a lot of fun! Terrace Aluminum Railings 6 most popular colours for front porch railings are: Pewter, Clay, Cashmere, Commercial Brown, Sandalwood, White, and Black. 

aluminum columns on a front porch in toronto
You can also view our front porch railing gallery to see a small selection of some of the porch railings we have installed in Toronto.

You want to choose a colour for your front porch aluminum railings that compliments the rest of your home or perhaps even fits in with the feel of the neighbourhood. That’s why it’s important to know your porch railing colour options.

Take our porch railing colour Commercial Brown for example, it’s a subtle colour, and can match multiple exterior tones and surfaces, such as grey, or even the whitewashed deck boards of more traditional looking Toronto homes.

White is also a clean and bright front porch railing colour favourite!

Or take our railing colour Cashmere, an off-white, warm colour for your front porch railings that will give your Toronto home an elegant and more spacious feel.

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aluminum railing on a front porch in toronto

When deciding on a front porch railing colour, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Deciding on the right colour for your front porch railings can be tricky.

Porch Railing Lighting

Do you sit on your Toronto front porch late into the evenings where your porch lights will inevitably be on? We know different times of the day cast different lights, and it’s important to think of how lighting will change the appearance of the colour of railing you choose. Terrace Aluminum Railings is happy to bring you samples to be able to see in person how your porch railing will ultimately look.

Porch Railing Blend or Contrast

Do you want your Toronto porch to stand out with a colour feature that contrasts the rest of your homes’ exterior? Or do you want your front porch railing to harmonize or play a neutral role? We love a sleek black railing that often stands out in contrast to the rest of the front porch. But we equally love our Clay railing colour, which has an earthy feeling that may blend well with its surroundings. 

Porch Railing Overall Space

Stand back from your front porch and take in the space surrounding it. Are there plants or landscaping features you want to draw attention to? Do you have a fence around your lawn? Or are you among those Toronto homes with a brightly painted door? You must decide how you want your front porch railing colour to feature not just with your porch floor, but with multiple exterior elements including landscaping, architecture, and the colours of other features such as doors and shutters.

Call us in Toronto for a free consultation to help decide on the colour that will work best for your front porch!

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No porch railing question is too small! We would love to show you some of our railing samples, and offer Toronto clients a free design consultation and quote. 

Front Porch Railing Safety Toronto

  • Safety is our priority for your front porch railings
  • Some of our clients call us to replace unsafe or even illegal porch railings
  • While we emphasize the beauty and increased home value of updating your front porch railings, safety is our #1 concern
  • Every railing installation project is completed with the utmost caution and care
  • We ensure our Toronto crew is safe while we work and are insured and WSIB bonded 
  • We also ensure that our porch railing installation specs meet Ontario Building Code Handrail Requirements and Handrails 
  • Our glass and aluminum railings products also conform to all Ontario Building Codes
  • We use only the highest-quality screws and Hilti bolts for our installations
  • Providing safe and secure porch railing that will last for decades!
glass railing on balcony in Mississauga

Transform Your Front Porch Today Toronto!

We know that if you’re reading this, you want your front porch to make a statement! 

We’re committed to paying special attention to your vision, and will ensure to make your front porch railing expectations come true!

It’s time you gave your Toronto front porch the beautiful upgrade it deserves. 

Call us anytime, we’re always working and ready to make those front porch dreams a reality!

Let us surprise you with how versatile our aluminum and glass railings can be, from shape, size and colour, we guarantee to have something that feels right for your new front porch. 

Call us today Toronto for your free estimate!

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Glass Railings:

Surprisingly affordable, starting at $100 per linear foot installed, glass railings will make a sleek statement, offering your front porch clean lines and a clear and uninterrupted view!

Aluminum Railings:

Or you may choose a classic aluminum railing for your front porch, from our large selection of styles and colours. Starting at $70 per linear foot installed.

Toronto Railings Products

Terrace Aluminum Railings Your Front Porch Railing Experts For 20 Years!

Whether you are looking for glass front porch railing, or an aluminum front porch railing, Terrace Aluminum Railings has you covered. With multiple styles and colours to choose from, our customer guarantee is that your front porch will be more safe and beautiful once we’ve installed your premium quality designed railings. 

Be the neighbours envy with the best front porch on the block! All railings come with a 10 year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident you will love your new front porch railings! Call us today Toronto for your free installation quote!

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selection of aluminum columns and dividers

About Terrace Aluminum Railings


Terrace Aluminum Railings has been in the business of home railings for 20 years! We are happy to serve your custom, commercial, and residential railings needs.

From a small front porch railing, to the largest condo projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. When it comes to aluminum and glass railings, we have seen it all, done it all, and installed it all!

Hi, I’m Jesse Allen.

I began my railing business in 2001 with some of the best aluminum railing installers in Whitby and the Greater Toronto Area.

As a local, family business, we have done hundreds of commercial and deck railings projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our excellent reputation in the aluminum railings business was born simply from happy homeowners enjoying their new home railings!

I make sure to treat each client with professional care and attention. Ensuring client’s railing needs, desires, and budget are respected.

Whether you are looking for stair railings, aluminum columns, outdoor privacy panels, front porch railings, balcony railings or deck railings, and more, Terrace Aluminium Railings, has you covered!

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